Portuguese Animals

Animals in Portuguese If you are improving your Portuguese Vocabulary, learning about Portuguese animals will be very beneficial for you.

Brazil is one of the most exotic and beautiful countries in the world, Brazil houses one of the largest world's forests, where one can find a large variety of animals and plants.

Due to Brazil is located in South America; there are many similarities between both Portuguese and Spanish language that is why it is not uncommon to see some animals with the same in Spanish and Portuguese language.

Animals in Portuguese

English Portuguese
cat gato
hen galinha
kitten gatinho
dog cão
elephant elefante
puppy cachorro
rabbit coelho
bird pássaro
horse cavalo
lion leão
mouse camundongo
monkey  macaco
owl coruja
tortoise tartaruga
cow vaca
rabbit coelho
pig porco
snail  lesma
snake cobra
snake serpente
tiger tigre
wolf lobo

  • My neighbor has three dogs.
  • Meu vizinho tem três cães.

  • The lion is the king of the jungle.
  • O leão é o rei da selva.

  • My favorite animal is the crocodile.
  • Meu animal favorito é o crocodilo.

  • Yesterday I was bitten by a snake.
  • Ontem eu fui mordido por uma cobra.

  • Monkeys are very playful.
  • Macacos são muito brincalhão.

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