Directions in Portuguese

Directions in Portuguese If you are learning Portuguese language, you must keep in mind that there are many important aspects which we must pay close attention.

Learning directions in Portuguese language is always very beneficial for any person, learning it you will greatly improve your Portuguese vocabulary with new words, besides you will learn new useful phrases that will be helpful if you feel lost.

This section will teach you to learn in a short time and with useful examples all about Directions in Portuguese.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Directions

English Portuguese
Left Esquerda
Right Direita
Straight ahead Em frente
Up Para cima
Down Para baixo
Far Longe
Near Perto
turn left girar à esquerda
turn right girar para a direita
go straight ir em linha ret

  • My house is now in North Carolina.
  • Minha casa está agora em North Carolina.

  • I will Travel South India tomorrow!
  • Vou de viagem sul da ├Źndia amanhã!

  • I Like the Old Western Movies.
  • Eu gosto de filmes antigos Ocidental.

  • The sun rises in the east.
  • O sol nasce no leste.

 Portuguese Directions Videos

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