Greeting in Portuguese Greetings are maybe the easiest communication strategy that Portuguese students will learn. Go ahead and star by greeting people in Portuguese when traveling to any Portuguese-speaking country such as Portugal or Brazil. Portuguese native speakers will appreciate your effort in trying to speak their language, and help you along. Star by greeting the doorman at the hotel, salespeople, and taxi drivers. This experience will help you to handle Portuguese language very well.

Greetings in Portuguese are similar to other romance language such as Spanish or Italian. These words and phrases will help you to meet new people and make new friends. The following table lists the most common greetings in Portuguese language. Each phrase is in both English and Portuguese to help you understand what they mean.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Greeting people

English Portuguese
Hi! Oi!
Hello! Olá!
My name is .... Meu nome é ....
How are you? Tudo bem?
Nice to meet you! Prazer em conhecê-lo! (male)
Nice to meet you! Prazer em conhecê-la! (female)
Good morning! Bom dia!
Good afternoon! Boa tarde!
Good night! / Good evening! Boa noite!
Bye! Tchau!
Good bye Adeus
See you soon! Até logo!   /   Até a vista

  • Hello! You can tell me where is this place?
  • Olá! Você pode me dizer onde é esse lugar?

  • Hi! How are you?
  • Oi! Como você está?

  • My name is Mary, what is your name?
  • Meu nome é Maria, o que é seu nome?

  • Nice to meet you, I hope to see you again.
  • Prazer em conhecê-lo, espero vê-lo novamente.

  • Good morning, where can I drink a coffee?
  • Bom dia, onde posso beber um café?

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