Hotel in Portuguese Brazil and Portugal are both beautiful amazing countries that can offer a large variety of monuments, historical buildings, mountains, forests, animals and plants; due to this people from all over the world choose to visit these countries.

However there are some important aspects that one must keep in mind before to visit Brazil or Portugal, for example the language.

In these countries, one will find a large range of hotels from cheaper but comfortable, to the most luxurious.

This section provides a large variety of useful phrases that will be very helpful when you want to stay in a Hotel.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Hotels

English Portuguese
Where is the reception, please? Queira dizer-me onde é a recepção?
Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Há um restaurante no hotel?
Is there a lift/elevator? Há elevador?
How much is it for the room per night? Quanto custa o quarto por noite?
What is the price? Qual é o preço?
Do you have any rooms available for tonight? Tem quartos para hoje?
I'm sorry, we are full. Peço desculpa, estamos cheios.
I would like a room with a shower. Gostaria de um quarto com chuveiro.
What time does the hotel close in the evenings? A que horas fecha o hotel à noite?
When is dinner served? Quando é servido o jantar?

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