Parts of the House

House in Portuguese If you are learning Portuguese language, there are many important things that we must learn, among which there are: Syntax, Grammar and one of the most important Vocabulary.

If you want to improve your Portuguese vocabulary, learning words related to house is essential.

Our house is definitely the place where we spend more time, so learning the house vocabulary will be very useful if for example you want to visit another country like Portugal or Brazil.

In this section you will find many of the most common words, related to house, in Portuguese language.

House Parts in Portuguese

English Portuguese
house casa
apartment apartamento
room, bedroom quarto
living room sala
kitchen cozinha
dining room jantando o quarto
stairs escadas
bathroom banheiro
bathtub banheira
shower chuveiro
roof telhado
garage garagem
yard jarda
closet armário
attic sótão
garden jardim
chimney chaminé
door porta
laundry room área de serviço
walls paredes

  • I'm going down the stairs.
  • Vou descer as escadas.

  • My house is very nice.
  • Minha casa é muito agradável.

  • My dogs playing in the yard.
  • Meus cães brincando na yarda.

  • I have many flowers in my garden.
  • Eu tenho muitas flores em meu jardim.

  • The kitchen door was broken.
  • A porta da cozinha estava quebrado.

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