Introducing People in Portuguese Introducing people in Portuguese provide the basic vocabulary to meet new people at any Portuguese-speaking country. These Portuguese phrases allow people introduce their friends with others. These phrases are very easy to learn, people use them every day in their normal activities. Introducing people in Portuguese consists of courtesy phrases, these phrases and words help people to socialize besides providing one of a wide Portuguese vocabulary.

Most of these phrases are very common; the following table lists the main vocabulary about introducing people in Portuguese language. You will notice that every phrases and word is both English and Portuguese language to help English speakers to leaner them in a fun and easy way. You also find few videos about this important topic.

Meeting People - Conhecendo Gente

English Portuguese
What is your name? Qual seu nome?   /   Como você se chama?
My name is .... Me chamo ....
How old are you? Quantos anos você tem?
I’m 29 years old. Tenho 29 anos
Do you speak Portuguese? Você fala português?
I speak English. Falo inglês.
I don’t speak Portuguese. Não falo português.
Where are you from? De onde você é?
Are you from here? Você é de aqui?
I’m from Canada. Sou dos Canadá.
Nice to meet you! Muito prazer!
Do you understand me? Você me endente?
Let’s go out? Vamos sair?

  • Hello, do you speak English?
  • Olá, você fala Inglês?

  • Where is your friend from? He is from Germany.
  • Onde está o seu amigo partir? Ele é da Alemanha.

  • Does Mary speak Portuguese? Yes, she does.
  • Será que Mary falam Português? Sim, ela faz.

  • How old is your Brazilian friend? She is 30 years old.
  • Que idade tem seu amigo brasileiro? Ela tem 30 anos.

  • What is your name? My name is Ronaldo.
  • Qual é seu nome? Meu nome é Ronaldo.

 Introducing people in Portuguese Videos

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