Seasons in Portuguese Seasons in Portuguese are part of time expressions. These basic words will help you handle a wide Portuguese vocabulary.

Every year the seasons change and people usually talk about the weather and time. This is the main reason why Portuguese learners must include some vocabulary lesson about Season in Portugueselanguage.

Season in Portuguese language are easy to learn, the following table show the four season of the year. You will notice that each season is both in English and Portuguese language to help you identify every season in Portuguese language.

You will also find a useful video to improve you Portuguese pronunciation of Season at the end of the page.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Seasons

English Spring Summer Fall Winter
Portuguese Primavera Verão Outono Inverno

  • Our uncle promised us to travel this summer.
  • Nosso tio prometeu-nos a viajar neste verão.

  • Winter is the coldest season of the year.
  • Inverno é a estação mais fria do ano.

  • I like autumn; I can see how leaves of trees fall down.
  • Eu gosto de outono, eu posso ver como folhas das árvores caem.

  • She always goes to the beach in summer.
  • Ela sempre vai à praia no verão.

  • Spring is the best season of the year.
  • A primavera é a melhor época do ano.

 Portuguese Seasons Videos

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