Shopping in Portuguese Learning vocabulary is one of the most important parts of learning a language because while more words you know, you will be able to understand what you heard and read.

Portuguese, as any language, has a large number of words that you must learn to improve your Portuguese skills.

If you are learning Portuguese, every day you hear or read many new Portuguese words, so you must pay attention because these words will help you to have better conversations.

Learning Word related to Shopping in Portuguese is always a good idea, because you can use them in your everyday conversations. Here you will find a complete list with some of the most common words.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Shopping

English Portuguese
money dinheiro
coins moedas
credit card cartão de crédito
tax taxa
receipt recibo
expensive caro
cheap barato
open aberto
closed fechado
postcard   cartão postal
stamps selos

  • I have no money to buy.
  • Eu não tenho dinheiro para comprar.

  • This shirt is cheap.
  • Esta camisa é barato.

  • The store is closed.
  • A loja está fechada.

  • This coat is very expensive.
  • Este casaco é muito caro.

  • I need some coins.
  • Eu preciso de algumas moedas.

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