Sports in Portuguese

Sports in Portuguese Improving your vocabulary with words related to sports is definitely a good idea. Two of the most important Portuguese speaking countries are Portugal and Brazil where people practice many sports, so if you want to have an interesting conversation with someone, the first thing you should do is learning some of the most common sport phrases and words.

In this section you will learn a complete list with useful Portuguese sport words that will helpful to improve your Vocabulary.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Sports

English Portuguese
Sports Esportes
athletics atletismo
baseball beisebol
basketball basquetebol
bowling boliche
boxing boxe
canoeing canoagem
climbing alpinismo
cycling / biking ciclismo
darts dardos
fishing pesca
football / soccer futebol Americano / futebol
golf golfe
hockey hoquei
horse-riding andar a cavalo
karate karatê
ping pong pingue-pongue
rugby ràguebi / rúgbi
running corrida
sailing vela
scuba diving mergulho
snooker Sinuca / bilhar
swimming natação
skiing esqui
tennis tênis
volleyball voleibol
wrestling luta livre
water skiing esqui aquático

  • My favorite sport is the football.
  • Meu esporte favorito é o futebol.
  • My mom likes playing volleyball.
  • Minha mãe gosta de jogar vôlei.
  • My dad is teaching me to play basketball.
  • Meu pai está me ensinando a jogar basquete.
  • Golf is boring.
  • Golf é chato.
  • I love Cycling.
  • Eu amo Ciclismo.

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