Days of the Week

Week in Portuguese One of the most important parts of learning a new language definitely the vocabulary, everyday in our conversations, we learn new words that will be helpful to improve our language skills. Learning the days of the week is certainly one of the first things that you must learn, if you are want to learn Portuguese language.

Unlike other languages, the days of the week in Portuguese language is easy to write and pronounce. So, if you are looking for the best place to learn Portuguese, you are in the right place.

Days of the Week & Time of the Day

This page contains all the vocabulary that you must know when you talk about days of the weekm and the time of the day.

Days of the week

English Portuguese
Monday Segunda-feira
Tuesday Terça-feira
Wednesday Quarta-feira
Thursday Quinta-feira
Friday Sexta-feira
Saturday Sábado
Sunday Domingo

Time of day

English Portuguese
day dia
today hoje
yesterday ontem
tomorrow amanhã
next em seguida
last último
month mês
year ano
decade década
century século

  • My favorite day is definitely Monday.
  • O meu dia favorito é definitivamente segunda-feira.

  • My birthday is this Tuesday.
  • Meu aniversário é nesta terça-feira.

  • My friends and I will go to dance on Saturday.
  • Meus amigos e eu vamos dançar no sábado.

  • We will go to church this Sunday.
  • Vamos à igreja neste domingo.

  • The day of independence is this Wednesday.
  • O dia da independĂȘncia é nesta quarta-feira.

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