Job Application Why work in a Portuguese-speaking country like Portugal or Brazil? What are the pros and cons of living and working in each country? These questions will be answered below, giving details about each country.

Portuguese is a very beautiful language to listen to and speak. It has a certain tang to it that can be pleasing to hear. To the untrained ear, Portuguese may sound much like a combination of Spanish, French, and Italian. The language originates from Portugal and is also considered the main language in Brazil. Knowing this language opens many opportunities for getting jobs around the world, and is especially important for those living in Portugal or Brazil.

Portuguese Job Application

Portuguese jobs are as wide and varied as jobs all over the world. There is sure to be something that someone with the knowledge of this language can bring to the table. Jobs in Portugal and jobs in Brazil generally require the knowledge of Portuguese in order to be able to communicate with the people of these respective countries. It is also usually a necessity to know other languages such as English or Japanese, just in case the workplace or business is bustling with foreign customers.

How to look for employment in Portuguese

In order to get the job, however, it will be necessary to create a well designed application that is professional. Job applications need to meet certain criteria, many of which are universal. Using a job application guide will help ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible. Without any prior knowledge to creating the best application, a guide will surely help to secure the job with as little mistakes as possible.

The benefit of knowing different languages is that people can become translators if they are fluent in more than one language. Those who understand Portuguese will be able to work for the government if they so choose. This will also allow them to travel more often if the job requires. For those interested in translation, this translation job application site will help direct them to learn more about their desired profession.

A Portuguese job application will not differ much from a Brazilian job application. This is because the base language is still the same. However, because of regional differences, there are slight discrepancies which will make the two applications look similar instead of identical. Knowing which country the application is going to will increase the possibility of getting the desired job.

Practicing Portuguese with digital media

Businesses and companies all need to have the capability of reaching a wider audience. Many companies have already gone international. With the advent of the internet, it has been much easier to connect with people of many different nations around the world. Many of these marketing strategies have been implemented through video streams, social networking sites, and other forms of digital media.

Movies have even undergone a slight shift. Now, it is much more common to see the same movie released in multiple countries around the world at the same time. Each country generally has the capability to watch this movie in their native language. This is accomplished with the help of translators.

Movies from the United States of America, for example, are made in English, but are usually shown in countries all over the world. Portugal may have the rights to show this movie in their country, but not everyone speaks English. The translators who understand both languages will be able to bridge the language barrier. The movie can be released in Portugal dubbed over in Portuguese, or it will have Portuguese subtitles.

Portugal Job Application

Living and working in Portugal can be difficult, since the unemployment rate is twenty-two percent, as of March 2012, according to BBC News. In the same article, it is reported that many young people are going to other countries to find meaningful work. One of these countries is Brazil, where the same language of Portuguese is spoken, and would not be a language barrier. Jobs in Portugal are few and many are for only a short period of time.

The country is run by the government and Portuguese businesses are either controlled by it or by wealthy families. A person immigrating to this country should speak the language, as English is not the predominant form of communication. According to the first article mentioned in this paragraph, a person from Great Britain, for example, is better off finding other British citizens in the country to do business with and is encouraged to build a network of like-cultured people.

The advantages to living in Portugal are the climate and the low cost of living. People from other countries considering moving here are encouraged to decide carefully and to earn enough to live in the country.

Brazil Job Application

In contrast to Portugal, Brazil has a growing economy and welcomes foreigners. The prospect of Brazilian jobs for immigrants is good, but obtaining a work permit is difficult, as preference is given to Brazilians. However, the education in Brazil needs improvement, and this opens the door to non-Brazilians to fill in the gap of the workforce.

As in Portugal, fluency in Portuguese is essential. People who have moved to this country have varied opinions of the lifestyle and quality of work. Most agree that speaking the language is necessary and that Brazilians are a warm and friendly people.

Employment is difficult to find and teaching English or volunteering are two options. This is in contrast to the first article about Brazil in this section. One person commented in his article that working in Brazil is a necessity and he found work as an English instructor.

Brazil, in contrast to Portugal, is a better place to work. Although employment is difficult in both, the lack of work is more prominent in Portugal than its sister country. The United States, especially, has good business relations with Brazil. Brazil is a multicultural environment and has a varied physical climate. It is the largest nation in South America. It is easy to see that Brazil is a better choice.

Getting a Portuguese Job (Portugal or Brazil)

When working for foreign countries, it is required that the applicant be fluent in the country’s language. This article has already expounded the fact the Portuguese is essential when living in either Portugal or Brazil. Therefore, job interviews with Brazilian companies would be conducted in that language. A Portuguese or a Brazilian job application would probably be written in the native tongue. It is imperative to obtain a work permit or even establish residency, especially in Brazil, to obtain employment. Obtaining a license or certificate in Portugal in the desired work area is also required.

When going overseas to make a living, be sure to get all the necessary paperwork completed. Transitioning is not easy, but proper preparation is half the battle.

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