Numbers in Portuguese Most Portuguese learners begin their Portuguese language lesson with numbers in Portuguese. This basic vocabulary about the name of numbers is essential to structure more complicated sentences. You will find references about cardinal numbers in Portuguese. The symbols to write each numbers are equal in Portuguese and English languages, because they handle the Arabic number system.

The name of Portuguese numbers is only a little different; the table below will help you learn step by step the name of numbers in Portuguese language. You find few videos to learn the proper pronunciation of those numbers. Portuguese numbers are very easy to learn, you only have to practice and you will soon speak as a native Portuguese speaker.

Cardinal Numbers in Portuguese

Portuguese English
zero zero
um / uma one
dois / duas two
três three
quatro four
cinco five
seis six
sete seven
oito eight
nove nine
dez ten
onze eleven
doze twelve
treze thirteen
quatorze fourteen
quinze fifteen
dezesseis sixteen
dezessete seventeen
dezoito eighteen
dezenove nineteen
vinte twenty
vinte e um twenty-one
vinte e dois twenty-two
vinte e três twenty- three
vinte e quatro twenty- four
vinte cinco twenty- five

Portuguese Portuguese
trinta Quinhentos
quarenta Seiscentos
cinqüenta Setecentos
sessenta Oitocentos
setenta Novecentos
oitenta Mil
noventa Dois mil
cem Três mil
Duzentos Um milhão
Trezentos Dois milhões
Quatrocentos Um bilhão

  • There are twenty five books.
  • vinte cinco livros.

  • April has thirty days.
  • Abril tem trinta dias.

  • I just want to win one million of dollars.
  • Eu só quero ganhar um milhão de dólares.

  • George lost fifty dollars in the street yesterday.
  • George perdeu cinqüenta dólares na rua ontem.

  • He has only three days to do this task.
  • Ele tem apenas três dias para fazer esta tarefa.

 Portuguese Numbers Videos

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