Portuguese Colors

Colors in Portuguese The names of Portuguese colors are essential to describe many things. People use colors in each activity of their lives. If one wants to speak Portuguese language as a native speaker, one will have to learn the proper names of each color in Portuguese language. These words will allow Portuguese learners to describe many things, besides having a wide Portuguese vocabulary.

The Portuguese words of colors are easy to learn, if you want to have a perfect pronunciation of each Portuguese color, you can practice by describing the main features of common thing such as flowers, clothing, furniture and other things full of color. The following table displays the most common Portuguese colors. Each word is both in English and Portuguese language.

Colors in Portuguese

English Portuguese
black preto
white branco
gray cinzneto
red vermelho
yellow amarelo
blue azul
orange cor de laranja
pink cor-de-rosa
green verde
brown castanho
purple roxo

  • The red book is mine, the blue one yours.
  • O livro vermelho é meu, o azul o seu.

  • I like this yellow t-shirt.
  • Eu gosto deste amarelo t-shirt.

  • Mary bought a black cat.
  • Maria comprou um gato preto.

  • George has a black car.
  • George tem um carro preto.

  • Your mother has a purple necklace.
  • Sua mãe tem um colar roxo.

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