Courtesy in Portuguese

Courtesy in Portuguese This section introduces Portuguese learners to essential aspects of courtesy in Portuguese language. People must learn the essential courtesy phrases in Portuguese language, these phrases will help you meet new people and establish new relationships with native Portuguese speakers. Courtesy is important to socialize, and one must be accustomed to handle the proper Portuguese courtesy phrases to speak with others and give a food impression.

These courtesy phrases are the key to begin speaking Portuguese language properly. People use these phrases every day, so one will learn these phrases in an easy way. The following table shows the most common courtesy phrases in Portuguese language. If you want to speak Portuguese without being rude, these phrases will help you reach your goals.

Portuguese Phrases for Courtesy

English Portuguese
Please. Por favor / Se faz favor.
Excuse me Com licença! / Desculpe
I'm sorry! Desculpe!
I'm sorry, but... Peço desculpa, mas...
Thank you! Obrigado!
Thank you very much! Muito obrigado!
You are welcome! De nada!
That's a shame Que pena
How was your weekend? Como foi seu fim-de-semana? 
How was your trip? Como foi a sua viagem?
May I... ? Posso... ?

  • Excuse me, Can you give me this book?
  • Desculpe-me, Você pode me dar este livro?

  • I'm sorry; I didn't want to do it.
  • Me desculpe, eu não queria fazê-lo.

  • Thank you! Your book was very useful.
  • Obrigado! Seu livro foi muito útil.

  • You are welcome; it was very easy to do it.
  • Você é bem-vindo, Foi muito fácil fazê-lo.

  • Please, give me you opinion.
  • Por favor, me dê a sua opinião.

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