Eating in Portuguese

Eating in Portuguese The Portuguese words for eating terms are very useful in many situations. The eating vocabulary in Portuguese language includes many restaurant-related words. If you go to a Portuguese restaurant to eat, these words will help you choose the correct food dish in the menu. You will be able to ask the Portuguese restaurant for other dish, fork, spoon or knife. People use these words every day, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn these eating related words in Portuguese language.

As a Portuguese leaner, it mandatory to handle this words. The eating vocabulary in Portuguese language is very easy to learn, you must not forget that these are daily word you use. The following table has a complete list with the most common eating-related words both English and Portuguese language.

Eating in Portuguese

English Portuguese
breakfast café da manhã / pequeno-almoço
lunch almoço
dinner jantar
menu cardápio
bread pão
drink bebida
fruit fruta

  • I always use the spoon to eat my soup.
  • Eu sempre uso a colher para comer a minha sopa.

  • Mary has left her fork on the floor.
  • Maria deixou o garfo no chão.

  • We will meet in the dinner.
  • Nós nos encontraremos no jantar.

  • I like to eat fruit.
  • Eu gosto de comer frutas.

  • Mark doesn't enjoy eating breakfast early.
  • Marcos não gosta de comer café da manhã.

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