Family in Portuguese

Family in Portuguese If you are learning Portuguese language, the family vocabulary is definitely one of the best options to improve your Portuguese skills.

Learning the words related to family in Portuguese is always a good idea because it will be very useful if you are planning to travel to Portugal or Brazil.

As Spanish, Italian and French language, it is not difficult to learn it.

In this section you will learn, in a short time, all about Family in Portuguese, so if you are looking for the best place to learn Portuguese, you are in the right place.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Family members

English Portuguese
family família
husband marido
wife mulher, esposa
father pai
mother mãe
parents pais
son filho
daughter filha
children filhos
brother irmão
sister irmã
brother(s) and sister(s) irmãos
grandfather avô
grandmother avó
grandparents avós
aunt tia
uncle tio
cousin primo, prima
male cousin primo
female cousin prima
nephew sobrinho
niece sobrinha
granchildren netos
grandson neto
granddaughter neta
stepmother madrasta
stepfather padrasto
stepparents padrastos
stepson enteado
stepdaughter enteada
relative parente

  • My dad traveled to Italy yesterday.
  • Meu pai viajou para a Itália ontem.

  • My mom likes to cook.
  • Minha mãe gosta de cozinhar.

  • My brother likes to play soccer.
  • Meu irmão gosta de jogar futebol.

  • My grandfather died yesterday.
  • Meu avô morreu ontem.

  • Today is my sister's birthday.
  • Hoje é aniversário da minha irmã.

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