Furniture in Portuguese

Furniture in Portuguese Other elementary topic in Portuguese vocabulary is the word related to furniture. It's advisable to learn the proper words to describe the most common element in the furniture of our friends and family. These Portuguese words will help you have a wide Portuguese vocabulary; they are not complicated to learn. Most of the terms about furniture are common words the people use and see very day.

All Portuguese learners must handles these word in order to be able to describe a house, office and other places where furniture is a important part of them. The following table will help with this task; it shows a complete list about furniture in Portuguese language, you will notice that every word is both in English and Portuguese language.

Furniture in Portuguese

English Portuguese
table tabela
chair cadeira
desk mesa
window janela
door porta
wall parede
bed cama
blanket cobertor
television televisão
radio rádio
stove fogão
oven forno
microwave microonda
light luz
garbage lixo
carpet carpete
cupboard armário de cozinha
armchair poltrona
refrigerator / fridge geladeira
mirror espelho

  • I put my book on the table.
  • Eu coloquei o meu livro sobre a mesa.

  • Mary turns on the radio to listen to music.
  • Maria liga o rádio para ouvir música.

  • You forgot to turn off the television yesterday.
  • Você se esqueceu de desligar a televisão ontem.

  • My uncle enjoys seeing the park by the window.
  • O meu tio gosta de ver o parque perto da janela.

  • Her little brother drew a tree in the wall.
  • Seu irmãozinho tirou uma árvore na parede.

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