Restaurant in Portuguese One of the most important features of Portuguese speaking countries is definitely its cuisine, for example: Brazil, which is the largest Portuguese speaking country, is known worldwide by its delicious recipes, the same happens with Portugal that has an exotic cuisine worth tasting.

So, if you are planning to travel to any of these countries, it I advisable to learn at least some of the most common words and phrases that will help you to have a pleasant time in a beautiful restaurant.

In this page you will learn all that you need to learn all about that.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Restaurant

English Portuguese
Waiter Garçom
Check / Bill Conta
Napkin Guardanapo
Glass Copo
Plate Prato
Fork Garfo
Knife Faca
Spoon Colher
Table Mesa
Chair Cadeira
Cup xícara
Rare Mal-passado
Medium Ao ponto
Well done Bem-passado
Do you have a table for six? Têm uma mesa para seis pessoas?
I would like to order now. Eu queria encomendar agora.
Waiter! Faz favor! / Faça o favor!

  • One glass of wine please.
  • Um copo de vinho por favor.

  • This spoon is dirty.
  • Esta colher está suja.

  • The plate was broken.
  • A placa foi quebrado.

  • I want to reserve a table.
  • Quero reservar uma mesa.

  • We have three forks.
  • Temos três garfos.

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